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At some point, Paul Wheeler went from being the ‘fun gay friend’, to the ‘fun gay friend” with no plans to get married, have kids and nowhere near in control of his life to buy a house!

With amazing hair everywhere, but his head – he realised…he’s on the wrong side of 30!

But surely, he’s not alone right?

Join us each episode, where we will have some very special guests from various backgrounds of our LQGBTI+ family to discuss topics they never imagined would be ‘a thing’.

We’ll also be getting some input from our fave neighbours…the straights.

Can Host really is a podcast for anyone that will listen, your ears deserve this!

Can Host – This is Your Pilot Speaking

Paul Wheeler

This is the pilot episode, the one before episode one… This is Your Pilot Speaking podcast TRANSCRIPT McCarthy-Wood: Thank you very much for your company. I’m Andrew McCarthy Wood. Now, we have a very special friend with us. He’s a personality. Some would call him a celebrity because he’s been up on plenty of stages. Paul Wheeler: They’re my favourite ...

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